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  • Your safety is continuously being monitored by GuardianAngel professionals. Other apps rely on your friends to call for help after a text from you.
  • GuardianAngel monitors you on a global level. Anywhere you have service, we can protect you.
  • We will never sell your data or information.
  • With your permission, GuardianAngel can monitor your alert situation using your phone’s video, allowing our professionals to see what is happening around you and provide the best possible response.
  • In the GuardianAngel Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), our team constantly monitors global events and trends and can alert you or contact you in the event of an elevated threat or active situation.

GSOC monitors global events and trends and alerts you.

Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)

In the GuardianAngel Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), our team constantly monitors global events and trends.


With GuardianAngel, you get State of the Art Protection in the palm of your hand

  • In the event of an emergency, one tap of the app’s SOS button provides real time tracking and pinpointing of your location and provides a direct link to our emergency response center which is manned 24/7 by veteran military special operations personnel and former law enforcement crisis management experts.
  • Through real-time video, utilizing either front- or rear-facing camera in your phone, you can share video footage from your exact location.
  • While GuardianAngel is different than calling 911, our professionals are able to identify the precinct closest to you when necessary and ensure that the correct team is sent, whether it’s fire, police, an ambulance, or something else entirely.
  • We operate anywhere in the World as long as you have a cell phone connection.
  • In the GuardianAngel Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), our team constantly monitors global events and trends.
  • When your Guardian Angel responders believe you need to be made aware of something happening in the world, they make contact with you if you are in the affected area.
  • In the event of a more urgent and life threatening event, our team will geolocate the activity in order to identify the affected area and alert the users in the immediate area, before moving to alert users in areas further away.

Additional Services (not included in the $6.99 per month plan):

If you are worried you will be in an area without cell service, we can make arrangements to make sure you are covered, please contact GuardianAngel. 




International Travel








“GuardianAngel is a must for travel. If you find yourself abroad for work or leisure, it provides peace of mind knowing that help – if ever needed – is only a click away. I’d recommend as a way to be proactive for all travelers alike.”

Peter- Colombia

“The Guardian Angel app is perfect for my children as they travel. To have an app, which tracked them geographically was wonderful; and, to have it provide emergency personnel assistance, on location, was a major reassurance to me. I would highly recommend the GuardianAngel app to anyone traveling in today’s world.”

Silvana- Mother

Melissa B, Chicago

Our home alarm system had a faulty sensor that caused the alarm to go off in the middle of the night. When it first went off I thought it was a real alarm. The first thing I did was grab my phone and pressed the panic button on the GuardianAngel App. The GuardianAngel operator helped me check everything out with the camera and microphone turned on, thankfully it turned out to be a false alarm. I notified the alarm company right away they were able to determine it was a faulty sensor and scheduled an appointment to fix it.

Even at home where I know I can dial 911, just pushing one button on the App was easier and faster and the first thing I thought of. I also know there’s a panic code for our alarm pad but I can’t remember what it is. But I had my phone next to me and the app gave me peace of mind and helped me out!!

Safe Travels to a Wedding in Mexico

A month before Blake was due to travel to her close friend’s wedding in the state of Morelos, the US Department of State raised the region’s travel advisory to Level 3: “Reconsider Travel.”

“It made me really nervous, really anxious,” explained Blake, a lawyer from North Carolina. “It was just going to be my sister and I traveling through an unfamiliar part of Mexico. Obviously we were so excited for the wedding at such a beautiful mountain location just outside the capital. But I started having second thoughts when the State Department raised the threat level.”

“Having the GuardianAngel App brought a sense of total ease” but Blake kept thinking about all of the ‘what if’ scenarios that could take place. “What if our car broke down and we couldn’t get help? Or what if a taxi driver took us hostage?”

“As a lawyer, I am trained to think about worst-case scenarios and how to minimize risk,” says Blake. That is why she downloaded the GuardianAngel App on her phone. After the wedding, Blake was leaving hotel in Morelos to go to the airport, the GuardianAngel App advised her there were some anti-poverty demonstrations taking place in Mexico City. While not a full scale threat, Blake was armed with the knowledge of what she may encounter and could plan for her travels accordingly.

“It gave me great peace of mind knowing that I could hit the SOS button and someone would be able to know where I am, respond to me when I need them or even come and get me if I was trapped somewhere.”

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